How to Register a Domain Name

So you want your own blog for your home business?  Great idea! You have a few options when it comes to setting up a blog.  You could use a free service, such as, or you can register your own, unique domain name and have a web property that you own, manage, and fully control.…

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how to start a home business online

Where to Begin?

So you want to work from home online?  That’s a great idea!  Overwhelmed by all the options?  Yep, I totally get it. Some folks know exactly what they want to do — for example, maybe they want an online presence for their piano tuning business.  But even these people face a daunting list of questions…

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Focus Time

You probably already know that working from home means you get pulled in many – and I mean MANY – different directions.  Not only are you CEO of your own business (which probably means you do everything if it’s brand new and very small), but you also have all the home issues pulling at you…

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Home Biz Chat

From Sales to SuperHero!

If you want to start your own business, you have to sell something.  And working online with internet marketing is no different.  Actually, all “internet marketing” means is selling stuff online.  Selling anything.  And finding buyers for it.  It could be selling on ebay or Amazon.  It could be selling information about how to feed…

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