Welcome to Home Biz Chat.  My name is Ellen Lemon, and I’ve been working from home for nearly 20 years.  More than that, actually.  It seems like I’ve always done something to make a little money on the side, even as a little kid.

Home Biz Chat

Wholehearted, happy, and sometimes silly work-at-home mom, author, and entrepreneur,
Ellen Lemon loves to help others learn how to make money from home!

But things changed for me 20 years ago when my husband developed cancer and had to quit working.  I was the main breadwinner as an engineer, so losing his income wasn’t too big a hit to our income.  But I was also pregnant with our first child and desperately wanted to stay home with the baby.  My hopes were dashed.  It looked like I might have to keep working 9 to 5 for the rest of my life.

That’s when my struggles with working at home really began.  What had worked for me before suddenly became hard.  I was desperate.  I couldn’t sleep.  All I could think about was how to make a home business work for me and make enough money for me to stay home with the baby . . . while still having enough time and energy to take care of the baby.

I tried or looked into everything I could find – MLM (network marketing), stuffing envelopes, selling crafts at local craft malls, filling out surveys, data entry.  The more desperate I became, the less successful I was . . .

Fast forward to 2005.  I was now widowed with a young son.  But now instead of being a working mother, I was disabled.  The stress of my late husband’s nine-year battle with cancer left me with a debilitating seizure condition.

I had family to help me, praise be.  Without faith in the Lord and help from my family and friends, I don’t know how I would have made it through that time.

Disability income helped with expenses.  But I hated – and I mean I absolutely abhorred! – being on disability.  What I really wanted was to make a contribution to society, to make a difference . . .  So I continued to look at the idea of working from home.

Only this time I was even MORE desperate.  You see, I couldn’t afford to spend too much time on or make too much money from a home business or else I could lose my disability benefits.  (Besides, my body wouldn’t let me spend that much time on anything anyway.)

I knew from experience that building a business would take time for it to grow.  Businesses, even small home businesses, don’t grow overnight like Jack’s beanstalk.  You have to nurture it consistently every day, and it might not show much return for the effort for months or even years.

But I didn’t have that kind of time.  I needed a home business idea that would hit the ground running, make enough to pay all my bills right away, and stay at that income level or above forever.  (Can you say “unrealistic”?)  It wasn’t like I could fire my boss.  My “boss” would fire me at the first sign of any home business, even if I didn’t have the health to keep it up.  I wasn’t just desperate this time.  I was running scared.

By this time it was possible to make money online, and I looked into every possible way to start an online business from home.  Almost every single one promised overnight riches.  I didn’t want to get rich, but I did want something successful and something quick!  So I studied them all.  If I could afford to buy it and try it, I did.

But even if I had the money to buy it, I didn’t have the position to try it too wholeheartedly.  There was always that nagging question in the back of my mind.  What if it worked?  What if it worked just a little, just enough to ruin my disability income but not enough to replace it?  So I never tried hard enough at anything to ever be successful.

I saw the beginnings of success in several programs.  I began to get traffic.  People signed up for my lists.  Folks responded to my posts and shared them with their friends.  I even made a few sales.  This stuff really worked!  But every time I’d see some success, I’d begin to back away slowly . . . afraid of success, afraid of failure, afraid of, well, everything!

Home Biz Chat

If you’re ready to come out of your cocoon and find your wings too . . .

If you’re ready to start your own home business and make real money online . . .

Then let’s chat!

Welcome to Home Biz Chat!

So here I am today.  The seizures are still here.  But I’m tired of being worried about my disability anymore.  It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and do something.

It’s time for this butterfly to come out of her cocoon and fly!

I’m here to tell you about all the things I’ve tried and what I’ve learned.  What worked.  What didn’t.  What I liked and why.

And I hope that somewhere along the way you will find your wings too!