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From Sales to SuperHero!

If you want to start your own business, you have to sell something.  And working online with internet marketing is no different.  Actually, all “internet marketing” means is selling stuff online.  Selling anything.  And finding buyers for it.  It could be selling on ebay or Amazon.  It could be selling information about how to feed hermit crabs.  It could be anything.  If people are willing to buy it and if they are shopping online (which they are), then you can sell it to them online.

“But I hate selling!” I can hear you saying.  Yep, me too.  I am not AT ALL a salesperson at heart.  I decided early on that any job that had anything to do with selling was NOT for me!

And then I had to write a resume, and I had to sell myself and my skills in the words and layout of that resume.  It had to scream, “This is the girl you want for your company!” when the boss read my resume.  So I had to learn how to write a good resume (aka “sales copy”).

Then I had to go for job interviews.  And I had to sell myself and my skills in the way I talked and acted during that interview.  My demeanor, my confidence, my friendliness, my smile, my handshake, my knowledge of the subject matter – everything had to scream out to the boss, “This is the girl you want for your company!”

So in the end I had to learn to sell anyway.  Either I had to sell myself and my skills in order to get a good job, or I would have to sell something else (an item, information, training, etc.) in order to make money.  It didn’t mean I had to be sleazy and underhanded in order to make sales.  It just meant I had to be forthright, honest, and a go-getter.  And so long as my salesmanship was actually HELPING the other person find exactly what they wanted and needed, selling was a very good thing indeed.  It was a win-win for both myself and the buyer.

So don’t think of it as sales.  Think of yourself as a broker, helping folks who want something really important find exactly what they want.

Being a broker never feels sleazy.  In fact, at times it sort of feels like a superhero.

And being a superhero is a pretty cool job for an entrepreneur!

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