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Where to Begin?

So you want to work from home online?  That’s a great idea!  Overwhelmed by all the options?  Yep, I totally get it.

Some folks know exactly what they want to do — for example, maybe they want an online presence for their piano tuning business.  But even these people face a daunting list of questions about what kind of website they want, how they want customers to find their page or site, and how they want to interact with their customers online.

And if you don’t already know what you want to do online, the list of questions can seem utterly insurmountable . . .

What’s a budding entrepreneur to do?

If this describes you, take heart.  You are not alone.

Many folks will tell you to start a blog, and write about your biggest passions and best hobbies.  There’s a lot of value in that, mostly because it involves TAKING ACTION.  But that method doesn’t include market research to plan your website.  It’s just a throw-something-at-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks theory.  And what if you don’t know HOW to start a blog?  Then where do you start?  So this might be a good idea for some, but it’s not something I recommend for most folks who are just starting out.

Then there are the countless courses and opportunities online that promise to show you how to make thousands of dollars THIS WEEK with only 60 seconds of work that anybody can do.  Oh, come on.  I know technology can do a lot of stuff — that’s why I love working online.  But seriously.  Really?  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are LOTS of reputable, excellent training modules out there about different methods for making money online.  Some may cost as little as $7, while others can go as high as $4997 or more.  I plan to discuss these in more detail later on in this blog.  But if you are just starting out, be careful which ones you buy.  Most of them are intermediate-level courses and will assume you already know how to register a domain name, set up hosting, set up your own WordPress blog, etc.  They will likely also expect you to spend extra money on additional software or advertising for traffic, so be prepared for additional expenses.

What do I recommend for you?  Well here’s what I suggest to my friends and family.  Try one of the following to start:

  1. First of all, the “Free Training” videos here on Home Biz Chat can give you a good big-picture view of how a website works to make money.   They lead up to a sales pitch for a training course called the Big Commission Blueprint (BCB).  You can learn a lot for free from the videos, and you can learn even more from the BCB course.  It only costs $19.95.  But — even though the training is excellent, it will not teach you step by step how to build a blog.  If you really want to have something you can use for making money right now, then you will either need to already know how to start your own blog, or your will need to invest further for upgrades to the training and for paid traffic.  There’s a very real chance for newbies (and seasoned veterans alike) to make lots of money fairly quickly with this program, but it will take a sizable investment ($2,300+).  Otherwise, expect it to take time and plenty of work.
  2. The option I started with back in 2005 was SiteBuildIt! (SBI), and I still recommend that for folks who are just beginning to venture into internet marketing.  SBI is an entire software suite that will handle training, domain registration, hosting, website building, market research, search engine optimization — you name it!  The training is superb for getting you started in internet marketing, and the software provides everything you need in one place with easy-to-understand instructions for choosing your niche and setting up your business.  The cost is $29.99/mo or $199 for the first year and $299/yr afterward.
  3. And finally, the third option is NicheProfitClassroom (NPC) by Adam Short.  NPC is similar to SBI in that it provides the training and software tools all in one place for your online business.  What sets NPC apart is that it also adds all the info products, web site info, market analysis, and even email follow-up sequence for not just one website, but two websites each and every month.  Realistically, you could build multiple little income streams over and over every single month with NPC.  It’s a really cool system that I’m still working on today.  I’m not sure what the cost is now, but I believe Adam has a super cool $1 trial offer, which is well worth your while.

So which option is best for you?  You be the judge.  Each one is highly worthwhile.  But whatever you decide, the key is to TAKE ACTION!

It won’t do you any good whatsoever to make a decision, buy the training, and then rest on your laurels that you got that far.  You have to go through the training and act on it — regularly, wholehearted, systematically, or whatever else works for you to get it all done.  As Nike says, “Just do it!”

It may feel daunting, but believe me, you can do this.  Get going!  Hang in there!  And if you have any questions, shoot me an email or leave a comment.

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