How to Make Money Online

Why Start This Blog, Anyway?

Actually – starting this blog is a little bit embarrassing.  (No, it’s actually a lot embarrassing, but so what?  I’ll get over it.)

That’s because I’ve never “made it.”  I can’t tell you my answer for how to make a million bucks online in 5 days flat…or at all for that matter.

My millions aren’t in the bank yet.  My business is still trying to get off the ground.  It hasn’t decided what it wants to be when it grows up . . . yet.  You see, I’m still struggling.  Struggling with myself more than anything.  (You can read my story here.)

Oh, I learned a ton along the way.  I can build a blog, a squeeze page, a sales page.  I can write email swipes and “soap-opera sequences” with the best of them.  Article writing, curating, and social media management are also part of my repertoire.  I even dabbled in paid traffic and studied the statistics of opt-in rates, conversion rates, earnings per click, etc.  I’ve done it all . . . well, a lot of it anyway . . . and I’ve seen results, both good and bad, in the process.

I even developed a few of my own products.  Some sell on Amazon, others on Clickbank.  Most are sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to get back around to them and develop them into something spectacular.

“What’s wrong?” you may ask.  Oh, nothing unique to me exactly.  I struggle with the same problems most folks face.  Fear of failure.  Fear of success.  Procrastination.  Perfectionism.  Distraction.  “Shiny object syndrome.”

But mostly I spent years just dabbling online, fighting myself.  I tested the waters – over and over again – to decide where to drop my hook, but I never committed to any given fishing hole.  And in the meantime I saw countless others come and go.  Some really did make millions.  Others fell by the wayside.

So what’s the point of all this?

It’s time to come clean.

It’s time to choose a fishing hole.

It’s time to commit.

So from today forward, I want to share with you what I’ve learned along the way . . . and what I’m continuing to learn.  What shows promise?  What’s a total waste of time?  And I’d love to hear your experiences as well.

So settle into youHome Biz Chatr easy chair, grab a cup of coffee (or for me, it’s Dr Pepper with crushed ice, or a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks), and tell me what’s on your mind about home business ideas.

Let’s chat!

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